Memphis Feminist Collective

Formed in 2014 we are a radical grassroots organization of anti-racist, trans-inclusive feminists combating injustice and uplifting those affected by it.

We are committed to helping each other heal, grow and thrive. In addition we are devoted to eradicating oppression with knowledge, active solidarity and direct action.


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…Women have been held down and used for too long. And there’s no more time to be blinded by White Feminism we need Bold Feminism in HD

Yoni Zeigler

“…Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness arent feasible without it.”

Luisa Palazola

“…Misogyny perpetuates stereotypes across cultures. Not all Palestinian women are angry and Islam doesn’t oppress women.”

Dania H.

“…We have to define our future. Because our voice and our identities are not singular and feminism fights for all of those voices and identities’ liberation.”

Sydney Renee Kesler
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